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Aluminum Used Beverage Can

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  • MaterialAluminium Scrap
  • Weight500 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
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Commodity: Aluminum Used Brewered Cans



  • Aluminum Content 98% Min
  • Si% 0.3 max    
  • Fe% 0.7 max
  • Cu% 0.25 max
  • Mn% 1.0-1.5
  • Mg% 0.8-1.3
  • Cr% 0.1 max    
  • Zn%  0.25 max
  • Ti %   0.1 max

Bundles must be banded with a minimum of 16mm (width) x 0,80mm (thickness) Polyester straps.
UBC suppliers are not allowed to use steel straps.

The integrity of the bundles must be as safe as they can be stacked for storage, and
bundle height must not exceed 1.50 meter.

UBC briquette does not contain shredded material.

Wooden pallets are not allowed to build the bundles.

The briquette density is required to be in the range of 450kg/m3 to 700kg/m3

The preferred briquette size is: 0.40 x 0.30 x 0.30m and all briquettes should ideally be of uniform

24 bundles ( 1000 kg each)per container 40'HC

  • Impurities:3% maximum as below:
  • Moisture 0.7%
  • Sand 0.6%
  • Garbage 0.4%
  • Paper & Vinyl 0.1%
  • Ash 0.1%
  • Magnetic Metals 0.5%
  • Heavy Material 0.5%
  • Dirt 0.1%
  • Impurities 3.0%
  • Non UBC target 3.0%

If the impurities plus moisture is
lower than 3%, there is no claim due to these non UBC.

Radioactive source:None
a) Should be treated with Fumigation
b) According to ISPM No.15(International standards for phytosanitary)


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Aluminum Used Beverage Can

Aluminum Used Beverage Can